Cut Your Stamps for Double the Fun with Butterfly Gala

Yes it can be done and it doesn’t hurt the stamp one bit although it takes a bit of courage to do it the first time. 

I have a little tip for you today using the Butterfly Gala stamp set. This stamp set comes with 4 sets of butterflies – large and small – joined together. So when you stamp, you get 2 images. The benefit of this is that the Butterfly Duet punch will punch these 2 images at the same time. 

However, there are times you may want to just stamp 1 of those butterflies. You could mask it off with a post-it-note or washi tape and that would fine for a one-off but if you wanted to stamp a background of butterflies flying in different directions, it could get messy and you would need a few post-it-notes. Today I was creating a card and wanted a background of stamped butterflies and I really couldn’t be bothered masking each time. So after a bit of thought, I took scissors to stamp, and cut them apart. It felt good. My butterflies were free. 

How to Cut Apart Your Stamps

As these are photopolymer stamps, fine tip scissors work fine. You just need to make one clean cut across. If you need to stamp it together, they will fit back like a jigsaw puzzle (see last picture) and you will be able to punch both images together. No harm done. If it’s a rubber stamp, I recommend you use a sharp scalpel and the same method of a nice clean cut so you can put it together when needed.

This is the card I was working and it shows how I’ve used the larger of the butterflies as a background image. This would also come in handy when you want to add an image to the inside of your card or the envelope.

I hope this inspires you to look at your stamps to see what options you have if you cut them so you can get more use out of them. 

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Simple Stripes Embossing Folder Tip

The Simple Stripes Textured Impressions Embossing Folder gives a classic image which is suitable for both men’s and women’s cards. I really like the clean look it gives on cards.

Yesterday I said I would give you a little tip on using it #TGIFC165.

When I first used it, I found my cardstock was ripping along the embossed lines due to the detailed embossing. To overcome this I had to try some different ways with the embossing folder. I know there are some other methods but this has worked best for me.

Usually when I emboss and teach classes I tell everyone ‘always put the joined end of your embossing folder in first’. Well… ignore me this time! Here’s the way I prepare it for the Big Shot prior to the top plate being put on.

Stampin’ Up, SU, Rochelle Laird-Smith, Stamping Flair, Simple Stripes TIEF

You will notice the join on the left and yes, I have labelled my folder so I don’t forget which end goes in first. 

Since doing it this way I haven’t had any issues with the cardstock ripping. If using Whisper White or Very Vanilla, I would recommend using the Thick Cardstock.

Stampin’ Up, SU, Rochelle Laird-Smith, Stamping Flair, Simple Stripes TIEF

You can see in the photo that the Whisper White square has been embossed 2 ways to form squares. It’s another interesting effect you can get from this great product. 

Stamparatus Magnets

So today I had my first play with my Stamparatus. I guess I waited for a while because I wanted to set it up properly and not rush through it. I know there are several videos and tips how to use it. Hence my nervousness was the magnets and the delay in setting up.  I think I had done too much prior reading! I have no idea why I waited so long. It is a breeze to use and such fun. 

But first – the magnets. They are extremely strong. This is why they they are stored so far apart when they first arrive (I have alrady taken one out of its position in this photo).To get them out the best way is to twist and slide off the base.  Don’t pull them up. 

 To make it easier to handle, I wrapped the magnet in duct tape leaving a little overhang on either end. This gives you something to lift the magnet with. Plain duct tape was a no go for me so I covered it in washi. Then store the magnets on the back of the Stamparatus.

Word of warning – dont bring the magnets remotely close together. While I was putting the duct tape I accidentally did this and they practically ‘jumped’ together and scared the living daylights out of me. This happened not once but 3 times. If they do get stuck together, don’t pull them apart just twist them and you will be all set to go. I think 1 magnet seems sufficient for regular stamping.