My handy hint for you today is to do with assembling the new cling stamps. I for one absolutely love that our stamps have gone from clear and wood to cling. You still get the the same great rubber stamp image but you don’t have to worry about the stamps falling off the blocks. 

I thought I’d share this tip with you because it’s something I learned as a result of a mistake. Now, it maybe something you already know but it’s worthwhile sharing so you don’t make the same mistake I made. The image stickers that come with the cling stamps are S-T-I-C-K-Y. They stick to anything they touch.  

In this photo you will see what I did. 

I took the backing off one side and then released the other side which immediately got stuck onto the other half of the image. That sticker is clingy! It was stuck really well and I had to work calmly to pull it apart without ripping it. I was fortunate and this may not always work. 

Here’s how I avoided it happening again. Remove the backing off one half of the image and position your stamp on top. Then place your finger between the section that has been attached and the other half you are going to pull the backing off. This stops the 2 halves from sticking together as it just sticks to your finger. Then release it gently and align on the rest of your stamp. 


Hope this little tip helps you when you put these stamps together. If you haven’t tried them already, I am certain you will love the stickability of the new cling stamps.